16 August 2006


Navigating the internet, we found information about the group, teatroAtroz. It is a socially committed group and which, at the moment, shows a work about the Alzheimer illness for which it has won a sponsorship from the Alzheimur Foundation. Surprisingly, they are also bloggers. The Weblog explains well the interests of the group.


On the other hand, while preparing to write to them and asking them to participate in the project for AlzheiMur centre, it came to our mind an idea to have the lecture theatre also as a stage. Different groups could perform there, equally for the patients as for the many assemblies that take place in the Centre. These activities would strengthen the powerful educational character that the Foundation has.

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Anonymous said...

I have been searching the internet today on the subject Alzheimer -Art. There are some interesting ideas. It is thought that art therapy may act as a release for trapped emotions, using art materials as a form communication, both appreciating art and making it. On the other hand, art therapy cannot check or reverse the illness. But, it provides stimulation that can awaken a patient's mind and spirit. It seems to touch the brain that still works.
While the illness steals short term memory, some researchers believe that the earliest, deepest memories remain intact. Music and art can help to touch those memories, drawing previously unreachable thoughts and feelings to the surface.
What I also found very interesting is that the Museum of Modern Art in New York offers specialized tours for people with Alzheimer. AlzheimUr could learn from the Museum's experience and incorporate into its own investigations. I believe the architecture must embrace this element and offer a setting were art (painting and music) can be appreciated. I will try to get in touch with MOMA and get a feedback.