10 August 2006


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There are several more points that I have been thinking about in terms of AlzheimUr and some you would have to ask Carmen about:
1. The patients that are going to attend the centre, are they at various stages in the illness? I believe that this is an important question when thinking about the layout of the buildings, not least if they are going to be separate pavilions. There is a great difference at the first diagnosis of the illness and when the patient is in its last stages. Patients are still conscious about their illness at the beginning but when it is very advanced they just lay down without being able to recognize anyone, speak, or articulate their movements....
2. It is interesting here in Iceland that all the nursing homes (run in Akureyri, Hafnarfjörður and Reykjavík) are single family houses. A great stress is put on making a "homely" environment. It is part of recognising the past in order to be able to speak about the present. By talking about the life of the patient, the doctor realises what is important for the patient. And that helps the patient "to know the way home. It is quite common that the patient (at early stage of the illness) can reside poems and narrate things from the past but the difficulty lays in what happened yesterday and to learn and remember new things.
It is all about not feeling lost, to have confidence, to have self- respect, to take care of the patient's self-image, to encourage patients to socialize and to live in coherence.
3. What has also been advocated for is an environment that shows an UNDERSTANDING rather than wanting to change.