16 August 2006


In Iceland we met the neurologist Arna Rún, who told us about the common typology of residences in the country designated for Alzheimer patients. It consists of small units where the prime element is to create a home. This scale, so familiar, helps to reach a high degree within the therapy, where the patients feel utile and helpful in domestic activities (lay the table with a tablecloth, wash the dishes, etc.).
Arna invited us to visit one of the residences in Akureyri. It accommodates eight patients where they sleep and live under one roof and in fact, the installations are adapted to a conventional single house.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Javier.
It was a pleasure to meet with you and Halldóra in Akureyri and really interesting to hear about the project. I wish you the best of luck and am going to try to follow the process, this blog really helps.