10 August 2006


We have made three models that already propose a more thorough adaptation of the program to the conditions of the site.
The first model represents the Dementia Unit. It must be pointed out that the rooms in this project are as important as the corridors that lead to them, since connections enclose an important function of interweaving the tissue that in the end will constitute the building.
A second model deals with the orchard and its relationship with the day-care centre. This centre leads to the orchard, to which it relates by means of two paths that reach into the free space between the three lines of lemon trees.
Finally, the preoccupation of the third model is to protect the rocky landscape. From the contour lines appear areas in shade due to the construction of changing cantilever above the land that generates spaces of different heights. The space represented by this model is the one of the superior rocky part of the site, where the cafeteria and the administration will be located.

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