10 August 2006


Carmen Antúnez surprised us again with this image that shows the cerebral tissue of an adult: a world full of relationships.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with everything in this article http://www.metropolismag.com/html/content_1099/oc99aom.htm but I’m interested in the concept of “…custom solutions at three levels: "minimizing disruptive behaviours" (wandering, rummaging, hoarding); "maximizing cognitive and functional abilities" (orientation, continence, bathing); and "enhancing self and sense of home" (privacy, personalization, roles, and activities). Her solutions often focus on helping residents to identify their own rooms. In almost every one of the 60-plus REMODEL consultations she has provided, she suggests that flat signage be replaced with a vitrine displaying personal effects that remind the resident of home.“ I especially like the idea of some sort of self-customised element (eg the vitrine), for as I understand it, a key part of mitigating the effects of Alzheimer’s is encouraging memory - not just generally, but specifically one’s own personal memories. Also, I’ve been in enough old people’s homes to know that it just plain makes it jollier. Anyway, I know you’re already developing the idea of memory via your blog.

This http://www.alzinfo.org/treatment/ is an interesting site - again from the pathology and psychology point of view. I liked these: “communicating with a person who has Alzheimer’s” “therapeutic activities” “modifying the home” - esp with suggestions re labelling and quiet (not to mention the idea that it might be a good idea to take guns and knives away from AD patients - clearly an American site).

Anyway, just a few thoughts. Look forward to chatting more next week! Liz